Get to Know Athlete Emily Canale

Emily Canale, body builder, personal trainer, and NFQ Athlete, is everything anyone could strive to be. She’s always driven, always going the extra mile, and working hard even when no one’s watching. She shared with us some of her go-to workouts, to be in that showcase-ready physique. Here’s what just one of her leg day’s looks like:
  1. Seated hamstring curls 
3x8- last set do 8 reps, drop weight do 6-8 reps drop weight 6-8 reps drop weight failure 
  1. Hack squats 
Work up to the heaviest 6 reps you can do
3 working sets. Could not do another rep. 
  1. Vertical leg press
3x10 as heavy 10 as possible 
  1. Hip abductors 
Heavy as possible with a 2 sec pause
  1. Hip thrusts 
Barbell. Contract at the top each rep. 
3x8-10 as heavy as possible.
“I love training back and have a love-hate relationship with legs. My goal in the gym everyday is to lift as heavy as I can and to progress with my lifts. I do not change workouts and I keep everything consistent. My current goal is to gain size specifically in my hamstrings, back, and glutes.”
Besides fitness, Emily grinds in her medical work as well, “I’m a family nurse practitioner focusing on pain management as well as a certified personal trainer.” Emily allows contact for her personal training programs via her Instagram account, @emmycanale. 
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