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For our very first blog post to our NFQ Athlete Series, we asked Ruben Rodriguez questions about his background, training schedule, nutrition, and more. When we asked Rodriguez about his background and how he got into fitness, he opened up and told us about his struggles and injuries he went through along the way.
“If I'm going to talk about my story then let me start from the beginning and give credit where credit is due. It all starts with my mother. She was a single mother of two kids at an early age. If I recall correctly, she had me at 17. I grew up in my early years in Chula Vista, San Diego (before it was the beautiful and expensive place it is today). I saw how hard she worked to provide for my sister and I, always doing her best to be positive and to do good things for people regardless of how broke we were. She has and always will have a giant heart for people. All her hard work and positive mental attitude definitely rubbed off on me and helped create who I am today.
I started Judo at a young age which was the first martial art I experienced in what is now a lifelong journey of martial arts. I dabbled in just about everything with combat sports and also bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting as the years went by. At one point in high school, with friends who I still train with to this day, we started our own secret "fight club" and would throw down in my friends garage who had mats. 
Immediately after graduation (one month to be exact) I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17. I served my time honorably in the USMC infantry with my prestigious unit: 3rd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment (GET SOME). Unfortunately after sustaining multiple knee injuries and having knee construction surgery which required me to learn how to walk again (took about a year to gain full function of my leg), I was medically retired from the best job I ever had. Despite the minor setback, the discipline and drive to be 1% better every day never left. 
Fast forward to September 12, 2017 which was my first day of training Jiu Jitsu at an academy. After my first day on the mats and getting my ass kicked, I was hungry to learn and get better. From that day on, I started by instructional DVD's from all the top guys in the world to absorb as much information my mind can handle. Fast forward again to today and I've been getting at least 1% better every single day on and off the mats. The person I was a week ago would get his shit stomped out by who I am today. I've dedicated my life to being the biggest, strongest, fastest, most technical and most conditioned version of myself,  because that's what it's all about. My only competition is the man I see in the mirror. God only knows how great you can become. Go get some.”
Ruben’s training schedule currently consists of Jim Jitsu everyday (even if it means just studying techniques), weight training with hypertrophy training coach Paul Carter, and Olympic weightlifting with Coach Greg Everett.
When asked about his diet, Rodriguez informed us that he keeps his diet simple, but also allows himself to give in to cravings, “Keep it simple, Keep it clean and eat foods you actually like. This is obviously different for everyone but right now for me, my diet consists of chicken breast which I cook in an insta pot pressure cooker - GAME CHANGER! Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale, whole eggs, sometimes rice, sometimes tortillas. Oh and I throw down on Donuts and Coffee. Life is about balance!”
Rodriguez has also been a supporter of Animal Supplements for 14 years, and highly recommends their products. 
He also mentioned that his normal training attire consists of NFQ Contact Series and Hyper-Active shorts, paired with a hoodie and NoBull training shoes. 
Check out more about NFQ Athlete Ruben Rodriguez on Instagram, @ruben.rodriguez.35, and make sure to use code ‘RUBEN’ at checkout on our site!


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