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Women's Training shorts

No matter the time, distance, or intensity, NFQ women's training shorts are up for the challenge.

3 inch inseam, linerless shorts

women's linerless training shorts

any activity, any workout

versatile shorts for women

Our most popular women's training shorts are purposefully built and tested in a variety of athletic environments.

Our ladies lift, run, swim, shoot, and spar in these foundational shorts.

3" Linerless are restriction-free shorts with a lightweight, four-way stretch performance fabric, and a linerless build.

Blinders on, nothing in your way. That’s our mentality, and these shorts bear witness to it.

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built-in compression liner

training shorts 3" + standard liner

lifting, hiit, & crossfit

for your best efforts

For lifting, HIIT, CrossFit, and every time you put in your best effort.

Training Shorts 3" + Standard Liner feature a built-in compression liner with sweat-wicking properties to keep you comfortable through every heart-pounding workout.

Zippered side pockets mitigate snag and keep your valuables secure, and a reflective NFQ Modern Logo keeps you visible in low-light environments.

Always give your best. And wear NFQ training shorts when you do.

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3" linerless


"When I look good and feel good, I know I'm going to perform great. That's what I love about the multicam shorts. They look good, I feel good, and I bring another level of confidence to my workouts."


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