Olive Hyper-Trunks


NFQ Hyper-Trunks 

Built for water, designed for performance, reimagined versatility.

A lace-up drawstring, ultralight material, and athletic fit make NFQ Hyper-Trunks the ultimate shorts for hard pool sessions, multisport training, and hanging out at the beach.

Our athletes demand adaptability in their performance wear. These trunks effortlessly rise to the challenge.

Athletic Profile:

  • Swimmers & athletes preparing for special operations / maritime combat fitness
  • Beachgoers & boaters who crave an athletic, performance fit in their trunks
  • Small boat (kayak / paddleboard / canoe) users who value comfortable, versatile shorts
  • Athletes living in warm climates who need ultralight, fast-drying fabrics for their fitness & recreation


  • Fast-drying, moisture-wicking
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Athletic, True-to-Size Fit


Wash in cold water; tumble dry on low heat or air dry to ensure longevity.

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