9/11 Anniversary

9/11 Anniversary


20 years ago, our country and the lives of each of us old enough to understand the events that took place were changed forever. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives, and their loved ones, as well as the survivors, were left with feelings that most of us will never know or understand.
It’s of extreme importance to honor and remember those who died and those affected. There are numerous ways to do this, including simply observing a moment of silence, climbing 110 stories – the equivalent of the highest point of the World Trade Center, volunteering, and attending a remembrance ceremony.


  • Andy Contreras

    My dads a firefighter in San Antonio. So 9/11 I take personal and I run up and down our university football stadium stairs 110 times to honor the fallen.

  • JustinRoss

    What an awesome way to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and continue to honor those lives lost on that tragic day!

  • Alan

    This is amazing and great I always try to honor them by doing a CrossFit workout for them based on there efforts.

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