Behind Sacrifice

Behind Sacrifice
At NFQ, we create each drop to have meaning. We are not just articles of clothing, but motivation to those who need it most. Because of this, our team digs deep to find the perfect struggle, effort, and growth story from those in our community to represent each drop.
Stories of those who Never Fucking Quit.
    On September 13th, we announced to our followers our next upcoming drop: Operation Sacrifice. 

    “The level of sacrifices you are willing to make for what you believe, who you love, or what you want are a testament to who you are and your level of commitment.” (@nfqofficial) 

   Sacrifice is a line that we have put everything we have into. Neftali Mendoza is the inspiration and drive behind this line. As Nef puts it, “Freedom is a powerful, beautiful and earned privilege from sacrifice. Sacrifice for a greater good, sacrifice for our fellow human beings.”
    Nef has always been an inspiration and motivation, for everyone at NFQ, and everyone who knows him. 
“The life I live is for my legacy. I consider my life a blessing, and yet a curse for myself.  I got to where I am now because of my struggles that I had to endure mentally and physically. I wasn't always happy about what happened to me. I hated myself and hated the fact that I lost everything.  I had to make a decision. Either I pity myself and quit, or go out there and do something amazing with the second chance I got at life.
I worked hard to get where I am now, I never took no for an answer. I fell down multiple times, but I got up and kept on pushing and moving forward, even when I wanted to quit and take the easy way out. I had to adapt to many obstacles no matter how many times I failed. I always kept going, and told myself to stop being a bitch.
Moral of my story we have no control at what life throws at us so its up to use to be ready to give it all. Every single second that you are here, make it worth it and earn it. Everyday is an opportunity for you to become better, and to strive to be the best version of yourself.”

In reference to the drop, Nef Mendoza is seen wearing the Adaptive Hunter Performance Training Shorts, and the Sacrifice Training Tee.

The first wave of Operation Sacrifice will be going live on October 1st, at 5pm CT.


  • Kim Houston

    I REALLY want that sacrifice shirt in Adult L….is that possible?
    Thank you,

  • Anthony

    As a veteran myself. I understand what it is to sacrifice something. This is a big inspiration for me to continue on being a soldier, a warrior. This inspires me to NFQ.

  • Victor Walker

    Major inspiration for today’s youth. #Savage much respect to this warrior.

  • Luis Garcia

    I fuckin love NFQ and stand by it on an every day basis and I get up everyday to grind and when I get to a point of weakness and i stare the T that I’m wearing that day and I get that extra push to keep going I’ll be representing NFQ til my last breath

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