Para Bellum

Para Bellum

Methodical, aware.

It is the warrior’s state, his talent.

For he is aware of how easily blood can be spilled.

Where to aim, where to stick the knife, how hard to hit.

The warrior’s talent is awareness of mortality and fragility, of combat.

He knows how heavy a hammer is needed, how fine a blade, how many savages to take the objective.

And always he prepares.

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PARA BELLUM on his breath, just as his forefathers held it dear.

For—just like his forefathers—the man of integrity knows a simple truth about life: that the threat of violence is well maintained by wicked creatures. Snakes despise liberty, and they are plenty. And they blend in well.

So the warrior walks tall, aware of his surroundings, calmly attached to his environment. Methodical in his steps, his words, his expressions.

He is aware of the habits that give men an edge, an advantage in any arena. He is a student of violence, aggression, and combat. Daily he grapples with his own weaknesses, pounding them into the dirt with heavy barbells, purging them by sweat and blood.


And it is not frantically that he prepares. He is not afraid, not shaking in his sleep and hiding from his enemies. For PARA BELLUM is the gift of composure, of peace. By PARA BELLUM the warrior fears no inconvenience, no trial, no war. By PARA BELLUM the snake’s head is easily cut off.

Prepare for War.

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Accept the gifts of composure and peace assured by those simple, old words. Study your weaknesses, test your strengths, and keep your weapons clean. Practice violence in the gym, the ring, and on the range. Pounding heart, bloody ambitions, and perfectly aware of what’s at stake.

Freedom is alive because strong men and women stand shoulder to shoulder to keep her safe. For freedom has legions of enemies and fewer advocates each day. But she is precious and must drive us toward excellence.

Excellence is clean weapons, sharp knives, strong legs, and fast fucking hands. Excellence is calm awareness, steady composure, and fearless participation in society.

Prepare for War.

It may never call you forward. You may never raise a weapon, or your fists. Life may never kick you in the fucking mouth.

But you’ll be ready. If hostility ever raises its flag in your path, you’ll have the tools to navigate the uncharted path to victory. You’ll be strong enough and fast enough to bring the fucking fight.

You will be an asset.

Shoulder to shoulder for freedom.

Keep the words on your breath.

Prepare. Prepare. For death is watching.


[Inspired by Advanced K9 Training]

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  • Scott

    K9 handlers and there k9’s don’t get enough credit for the amount of sacrifice they truly go through.

  • Bryce

    Para bellum! If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.

  • Debra Lines

    I love your shirts! I make my tie dyes out of them and they are spectacular! Too bad I can’t share an image.

  • Mark Blaha

    This is awsome on so many levels

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