Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews

Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews

August 26th, 2021 was a day that changed many lives, one of those including Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews from Folsom, California. Sergeant Vargas-Andrews was struck by an IED suicide blast at the Kabul Airport, where he suffered extensive injuries.
We spoke to Steven Boice to get a first-hand update on Sergeant Vargas-Andrews’ status. 
Doc Boice and Sergeant Vargas-Andrews have known each other for over two years, meeting through their platoon in 2019. Doc Boice has been actively trying to get donations for Tyler’s fund and push awareness of the situation out to the public. 

When in Kabul, Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews was a part of 2/1’s Scout Sniper team, serving as a Professionally Instructed Gunman. He was with an Afghan family down in the crowds, escorting them through the gate knowing the gate was going to close soon, when the attack happened.
“He’s someone who can walk into a room and bring a positive impact. Someone who could take a situation that was uncomfortable, or just simply not the best scenario, and can make it into a positive thing. He influences everyone else on the team and makes sure we are the best versions of ourselves. Definitely the epitome of a Marine.”
Sergeant Vargas-Andrews is a double amputee, receiving a left leg amputation, full hip dysarticulation, and right arm amputation above the elbow due to the suicide vest bombing at the Abbey Gate in Kabul. He just recently was cleared from the ICU.
“Big win for us, last week he successfully completed his 23rd surgery, each one is making positive steps forward in the right direction.”
Doc Boice brought the GoFundMe to our attention to help Sergeant Vargas-Andrews on his path to recovery, 
“After his injury, his team leader, Sergeant Charles Shilling, contacted me and we agreed Tyler is going to need long-term care. While hopefully the majority of his needs will be covered through VA benefits, we knew that the community would love to help, so we decided to start a GoFundMe. We set it up knowing that his current finances should be taken care of due to his medical discharge, but we wanted to play the long-term game. That way, when he is ready and able, he will have the highest quality of life to continue positively impacting those around him. We wanted to make sure that there was a buffer, or safety-net for that. We also have invested in a Law Firm, and set up means to help manage his funds. That way, if the validity of the funds is questioned we can assure donors that it is all going to Tyler.”
We are excited to see him fully recover, and we are excited to see what he accomplishes in life. He is a part of our NFQ family, and we will be supporting him along this recovery process in any way we can. 

“When am I getting out of here? Alright, well I’ve got shit to do” -Sergeant Tyler Vargas


  • Virginia Skamnes Keyes

    Hi Tyler
    I am Kim’s grandmother and Brooklynn’s great gram. Praying for you and wishing you the best .

  • Greg Biascoechea

    Thank god for men like Mr.Vargas, he is what makes America great.

  • Felix Garcia

    I will thank God for everyday of life. We will walk again. We will run again. I was told no by the LTC who operated on me and 8 years later I am still running strong. I can’t wait to see you lifting again brother.

  • Kim Ray


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